Useful. I want my readers to know the pros and cons behind taking electronic

Useful. I want my readers to know the pros and cons behind taking electronic cars and gasoline car.
I will use point by point pattern. I think it will make my essay clearer and it will be easy for the reader also.
Introduction, Research and development, Thesis.
according to My experience. Yes, My brother have tesla. one day me and my brother went for long trip. so, at that time we had to stop every three hours to recharge it. and also till the time it was charging up we had to wait till its complete 100% charging. Either you have to spend some time or you have to spend some money. I would rather choose to spend money.
.Successful assignments willchoose an appropriate topic;
feature an introduction explaining the purpose and scope of the essay and include a clear thesis statement;
identify appropriate criteria to base the comparison and contrast upon;
conclude with an overall assessment;
be typed and submitted as a Microsoft Word document (.docx), with 12-point font;
include a seventh edition APA-style cover page;
be three to four double-spaced pages (750–1,000 words), not including the title page; and
be submitted for grading.

Compare and Contrast Essay Assignment Rubric
Introduction and Thesis
It clearly states the subject of the compare and contrast and the criteria upon which the discussion will be based.
The essay is organized according to either block format or point-by-point format. The essay is divided into paragraphs in a logical fashion. Transition phrases are used effectively.
The essay features a well-developed discussion based on the chosen criteria. The essay identifies the most important points of similarity and difference and explains why they are important. The essay meets or exceeds the minimum length requirement.
The essay includes APA style in-text references to at least two relevant, high-quality sources. The essay includes a correctly formatted references list.
Style and Mechanics
The voice of the writer is clear, distinct, and appropriate. The writer’s message is clearly communicated with appropriate spelling and use of grammar and punctuation. Errors do not significantly interfere with meaning.
The assignment meets or exceeds the above criteria.

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