What do YOU think about Zicam?

What do YOU think about Zicam?.


1.  What do YOU think about Zicam?

  • -If Zicam had  detrimental side effects, how did it get approved to be sold?
  • -Why do you think the makers of Zicam switched their active ingredients in the nasal spray to one already used in Afrin and other OTC medicines?
  • -What biases might exist to keep pharmaceuticals on the market after they are approved by the FDA?

2.  Your Uncle Billy calls you saying he is thinking about moving to Los Angeles, but is worried about the air quality because he saw the following report. Air pollution in the Los Angeles area is characterized by a decrease in visibility, crop damage, eye irritation, objectionable odor, and rubber deterioration. These effects are attributed to the release of large quantities of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides to the atmosphere. The photochemical action of nitrogen oxides oxidizes the hydrocarbons and thereby forms ozone, responsible for rubber cracking. Under experimental conditions, organic peroxides formed in the vapor phase oxidation of hydrocarbons have been shown to give eye irritation and crop damage resembling closely that observed on smog days.

  • -Explain the above description to your Uncle Billie in your own words, in a way that he (a barber from Okemos) would understand.  Connect the concepts to at least a couple of ideas that Uncle Billy could reasonably know about.
  • Compare and contrast the accuracy of your explanation with that of the original.

3.  Find a visual about a topic you find interesting.  Use the three-step process to understand the image (1. Interpret a point, 2. Identify as many trends as possible, 3. Interpret the overall message of the visual), regardless of whether or not it is a scatter plot.  Did this system work for your visual, why or why not?

What do YOU think about Zicam?

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