Why I Chose This Course: Business Ethics And Realities

Delving Deep: Insights and Discoveries from BUSN 1101

The BUSN 1101 ‘Introduction to Business’ has been a great eye-opener for me when it comes to the study of business. Business is a vast field with multiple areas of functions such as marketing, finance, and supply chain. This course allowed me to dig deep into these areas and understand each of them to their very core. In the beginning, I learned what business means and how it surrounds us from all directions. As classes continued, we read and get informed more about TJX and how such a large corporation operates. All of the lessons really intrigued me and made me think about business from a different perspective. I read all the assigned chapters and readings before every class and researched more about the concepts discussed when class was over. I learned about the different components of a business plan and how a good business plan can be a highly valuable asset for any entrepreneur/ businessperson. I learned a lot about those business concepts that I had come across only a few times earlier.

Why I Chose This Course: Globalization, Teamwork, and Ethical Implications in Business

This includes supply chain distribution, globalization, and human resource management. The quizzes, simulations, and worksheets continued to test me on the concepts I had grasped in class, and the frequent presentations made sure that my mind never went off track. I learned some key lessons about teamwork in the duration of this course. We worked on several presentations and contributed equally whenever any work was assigned to us. The entire project of writing a business plan from the ground up was really exciting. My favorite lesson in this course was the one when we discussed ‘Globalization.’ I had barely heard about this concept earlier, and I made sure to gather adequate information about it before class. We discussed how a business is not bound to function in its home country but is open to operating anywhere in the world. We watched videos of the clothing industry in Bangladesh, which was truly eye-opening. Looking at the living conditions of the people working in this industry, especially in a poor country like Bangladesh, made me realize that we must be aware of the birthplace of the products we own. I realized that we need to be grateful for what we have and be respectful towards all those people who work long hours in noisy and dangerous factories to manufacture valuable products for us. I learned how businesses might outsource some functions to these underdeveloped nations to take advantage of low labor costs, which thus increases their profits. This also taught me a lesson about human ethics when it comes to business. Overall, this course was a great start to my education in the field of business, and I am confident that I will be applying the concepts I have learned during this course in the future.

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What Does The Raven Symbolize In Edgar Allan Poe? Echoes Of Personal Loss

What Does the Raven Symbolize in Edgar Allan Poe’s Work? Personal Reflections on Loss and Loneliness

The poem “The Raven,” written by Edgar Allan Poe, shows deep signs of depression and a sense of confusion that the Narrator has been experiencing since the death of his wife, Lenore. The raven in the poem symbolizes death and is the barre of unwelcoming news. As the raven visits, the Narrator hopes that it will come back with good news regarding his wife and future. Instead, the raven tells him that he will continue to be depressed and lonely. The way the Narrator felt in the poem reminds me of when I broke my foot jumping hurdles. The raven in the poem is the doctor in my situation. Breaking my foot, my last season of high school track and field was devasting and made me feel super depressed and lonely. After every appointment after my accident, I had always hoped that the doctor would say that I would be fine and that I would be able to run at least one more track meet before the season ended; he always concluded the appointment with, “You aren’t quite there yet and probably won’t be ready again for a couple of months.” The Narrator was struggling to cope with the loss of his wife, while I was struggling with dealing with never being able to compete and do something I love again. Although we were both going through different situations, we were both feeling depressed and lonely.

Echoes of Poe: Finding Personal Resonance in ‘The Raven’s’ Descent into Desolation

A point of comparison between the poem and my life is when the Narrator says, “Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, While I nodded, nearly tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door” (Poe, lines 1-5), in lines 1 through 5 of the poems the Narrator begins to quickly introduce us, the audience to his dark, cheerless, and depressing life. The Narrator of the poem is then trying to help us understand his mental and physical state of being dark, lonely, and depressed after the death of his wife. As he sits in his “chambers” or bedroom in complete silence, the Narrator begins to make a sudden tapping sound. At this point in the poem, I can relate to it because, after my accident, I felt weak and dull to the point where I only wanted to be left alone by everyone.

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