Work-In-Progress Report

Please submit a Work-In-Progress Report on Canvas by Thursday, Oct. 21. The submission should be equivalent to a half-page to one-page (single spaced) report using the following:
What is the working thesis you developed for your research essay?
What are the key points of your essay and do you have three or four different sources to support each point?
How many strong sources do you have so far? How many more do you need to meet the minimum requirement and what kinds of sources would be most helpful?
What is your plan to find those sources – where are you planning to search for them?
List the sources you have found so far that you find helpful
What are the strengths of your essay so far?
What do you still need to work on most?
What is one revision you plan to make in the next draft of your essay to improve it?
What feedback to expect from peer review or instructor review?
What are the next steps you plan to take to move your essay forward, and what questions do you have about any part of it?

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