Writing About A Bar At The Folies Bergere Painting

A Bar at the folies Bergere – this is reportedly Manet’s last major work that he painted and it is a very interesting piece but that conclusion may be influenced by the history of the bar folies Bergere. The reputation this bar held was that it was a great place to find a prostitute for the evening. It is this reputation and the captivating look Manet gave the barmaid that inspired me to describe this painting. The mirror behind the barmaid sets the atmosphere of the Bar.

Manet depictaed the patrons in typical Victorian dress, men in top hats and tails, women in very elegant but unrevealing dresses, all sitting around like polite society enjoying the atmosphere, the entertainment, which we can see little and their drinks of choice. While there are lesser lights shown in the reflection of the mirror scattered around the Bar to illuminate the room, the dominant place is held by the large crystal chandelier you can see just over the right shoulder of the barmaid. The size of the chandelier puts the crowd into perspective and keeps from taking attention away from the main focal point Manet wanted to highlight.

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An interesting note to make is that this is not the only chandelier in the room. The fact that more than one can be seen in the mirror tells us that Manet used the different chandeliers to communicate the size of the room without allowing the room to dominate the painting. Every image reflected in the large mirror is out focus.

There is enough detail to identify what is taking place, the patrons and provide the right influence on his main subject which in turn leads us to understand her expression. Even the reflection of the barmaid is out of focus and off line as Manet seems to use that to depict a difference between the bar maid duties and what she is truly feeling. Her image is frumpy but she is shown engaging her lone customer, who seems a bit tipsy due to the red color Manet used for his nose, and she is handling her duties like a pro. She seems quite comfortable in handling her duties and being a part of the Bar’s employees though she may not be a prostitute. This is in great contrast to the actual image Manet painted of the barmaid, who is seen surrounded by the products of her trade- champagne, wine and other liqueur bottles, labels included. In front of her is a crystal vase holding what looks to be mandarin oranges but may be another fruit and beside that is a little glass with nicely cut flowers.

In contrast to the images in the mirror these are all in great focus and look life-like. The beauty of the barmaid is found in the simplicity Manet used to depict her. Her front buttoned dress elegantly displays her hourglass figure and the simple brass bracelet on her right arm compliments both and is not gaudy nor distracts from the overall beauty of the barmaid her only other piece of jewelry is a simple cameo necklace placed just below her neck, surrounded by the lace fabric adorning her coat. The lace goes from behind her neck down to her chest leaving her chest a bit exposed. This is not a trashy look that would have her patrons mistake her for the more risque employees of the Bar. Her ensemble is completed by a corsage that is placed front and center and which hides any cleavage that may be exposed by the cut of the dress.

This placement of the corsage also indicates that she is of a different class of employee than what the bar is noted for. What is captivating about this barmaid is her facial expression. In the mirrored image she looks at ease, comfortable and fully happy to be employed by the establishment but that is not the expression Manet gave her in reality. Her eyes, the way she holds her mouth and tilts her head all combine to demonstrate her true inner feelings. She does not want to be at that Bar. She wishes she could be miles away in a more respectful setting. She wants more from her life.

It is that look that makes the painting the master that it is as Manet captured the heart of the girl completely. That look inspired me to select that painting and maybe part of the decision was due to how much I relate to that barmaid. Not that I am a barmaid type girl but that I am just a normal girl who wants more for my life, just like she expresses in her look. This is why I believe that the best form of interpretation for this painting is the expressive format. This painting has every aspect making some sort of expression about the bar, Victorian life and the life in general.`

Sex Education Need To Be Promoted In Schools

In that there are too much unwanted as well as early pregnancies that are prevailing inspire of development in other areas.They are man activities that can be implemented to curb this event from escalating the depth it is right now. This I believe that implementation of sex talks, sex education lessons as well as other activities will get students grounded on healthy sex life.

To begin with implementation of sex talk do help students to be stimulated mentally as well as physically. In that, through these talk parents and staff members can teach the males and females the right way going about having protected sex. Let’s face it most of these children are exploring what they have heard or seen on television. Hence it is safe to say the are unsure and unaware of dangers involved. Additionally, they can also feature as section when they show both and females how to properly use a condom to promote healthier sex and leg pregnancies.

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Moreover, ever Semester the should have a sex education class from freshman to senior year. Yes, person’s will say that will get boring or out dates . However once it’s constantly repeated they is greater hope for them to practice it as a lifestyle. Additionally, they can various groups that are in various health departments come and lecture and show videos on the prevalence of STDs and pregnancy in the different states. Thus helping them not to be in one those statistics.

Other activities could be endorsing sex education on different areas of the campus. These would include restrooms, cafeteria and the major billboards across the campus. With this friends can also tell there friends to not engage without using a condoms.In the cafeteria is where most conversations happening about couple and relationship so they will be insight of there constant reminders.Also presenting it on the boards an be in aid for them to see it daily when they don’t have that sexual education talk or class.

Moreover there are too many children going to high school are dropping out of high school with sometimes no hope to continue. This is so they have to take on addition responsibilities as well as taking on a job or two to satisfy the needs of the new born child. Also parents may feel embarrassed and discouraged to send them to school. Hence this will devalue the institution as well as the household.

Furthermore if there is increase level of pregnancy there is also a strain on the economy. In that there is Inflation that is not a good reflection on the country. Also there is going a budget deficit in the country. Additionally, this can be a problem especially when there is a single parent as money will be scare to supply the needs of the household.

On the other hand, sex education will inform them about the common and also unknown STDs that are rampant in the country. Also through this avenue they will be aware of the signs and symbols of STDs. Since most can be cute from early being knowledgeable about it in the event something happens will reduce the risk of disease. When information like thereafter not circulated in a digestive M?¤nner persons are u aware that will cause an increase in the spread of the disease during unprotected sex.

Consequently there will also be neglected child/children because of lack of parental skill.This is unhealthy due to lack of love and support from with parent. Thus careful though process must be considered before committing to getting pregnant. Hence prevention is better than cure get them informed about their duties and educate them on sex education.

Although may feel it is sole responsibility of the school that is not the case. In that the parents need to play an active role in educating there teenagers and young adults about contraceptive, abstaining and healthy sex life. This is not practice a lot due to various socioeconomic facts life single parent household. However, even in the single parent household I learned about puberty, birth control and healthy sex life as well as relationship. In addition, the parents can also ask it to be done at school and they can share there experiences because they will believe there probt due to confidence. It can and should be achieved by all administration, the more you know the better you are making better decisions.

Sex education must be practices in school. No matter how expensive it is it’s imperative to apply those skills to reduce pregnancy level. In addition, the various strategic implementation will also help to reduce the level of sexy activities and the unwanted pregnancies. Hence enforce the say no for a better tomorrow.

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