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Definition of the AssignmentThis assignment requires students to submit a tentative References page for the Informative Research Paper (the final draft of this paper will be a Week Five assignment).Students will:Review the Informative Research Paper assignment — The assignment is posted in the Week Five folder, and also under START HERE/ Course Documents.
entative References page which includes five sources you may use for the paper.
At least two sources must be from library subscription academic databases (like Proquest or Ebscohost)
At least one source must be from a reliable, credible, Web site (not a wiki site, blog site, or similar) See the Purdue OWL and/ or your handbook for helps to judge site reliability. NOTE: You are welcome to review different sources in the informative paper when you write and submit it for Week Five, but this will be a start if you choose to review the five sources that you list for this assignment.
See APA for page and entry format
List sources in alphabetical order per/ APA guidelines
Proofread/ edit

Since the entries will need to retain indentation and page format, submit the assignment as a Word document (.doc or .docx) or compatible file.Note: The databases often include links to formatted entries for the sources you are looking at, and many Web sites are available which offer to format entries if you supply the information. Be aware that some of these sites are good – and some are not. Often the sites or services are based on outdated APA information or 3rd party sites which do not formulate correct entries. Use the help links and sites if you trust the source, but always check your entries yourself against your current handbook or the Purdue OWL online.Submit: Click on the assignment link above, then attach as a Word document (.doc or .docx) or compatible fileNote: After you submit your assignment, watch for feedback

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