You are working for one of the following international automotive companies currently competing in the

You are working for one of the following international automotive companies currently competing in the US market. Please choose one of the following companies:
1. VW
2. Audi
3. Fiat
4. Tesla
5. Nissan
6. Toyota
7. Rolls Royce
8. Kia
9. Maserati
10. Mercedes Benz
11. Honda
12. Range Rover
If your brand has several different models of cars, you should select one model or sub-brand to focus on. Please identify the brand chosen in the paper you turn in.
Your objective is to increase market share for your company. To do so, you will be conducting a situational analysis. In this analysis you will need to identify the macroenvironmental factors in the marketing environment. Consider each of the following as defined by the textbook: the 1) demographic, 2) economic, 3) natural environmental, 4) technological, 5) political/social, and 6) cultural trends that affect the automobile industry generally and your brand specifically. You will need to read the textbook before you complete this homework to understand what is meant by the macroenvironment and what each factor encompasses.
For each factor, you should cite one thing the company should be aware of that may change in the future that could affect the company. For instance, for the demographics factor, are demographics in the US changing? If so, in what way are they changing and why might it important to the company? In other words, for each factor you should 1) cite one trend that your company will need to be aware of for the company’s future success and 2) give a short explanation for why this is an important factor for this particular brand to consider (e.g., it will affect this specific company’s efforts going forward because of X). This is not an opinion exercise; as marketers you need to have at least one data source/citation per macroenvironmental factor for your conclusions. You do not need to provide a solution or any potential changes the company will have to make in response to macroenvironmental trends, but, again, you will need to 1) cite an important trend for each factor and 2) explain why it is important for that brand.
Regarding citation style, please choose the citation style you are most familiar with, but make sure you cite your source next to the correct sentence in your document (e.g., “CNBC 2020”) and then add a reference in a separate section at the end of your document. Finally, there is no length requirement, but your goal is to persuade me that the factors you have identified are indeed important so that I – as the CEO – will want to institute changes in the company to get it ready for the future.
Macroenvironmental Analysis Rubric
If you follow this, you will save the company (…and you’ll get a good score on the analysis)
_______ (points) Was each of the six macroenvironmental factors correctly addressed and understood? (6 points; 1 point per factor)
_______ (points) Was each macroenvironmental factor given support via a citation? The citation must be next to the appropriate sentence and a full reference included in a Reference section at the end of the document. (6 points; 1 point per factor)
_______ (points) Did each factor have an adequate explanation for why this is an important macroenvironmental factor for the company to consider? (12 points; 2 points per factor)
_______ Total points possible (out of 24)