Covid 19 vaccines Essay

The proposal normally starts with an brief 1.introduction/background which described the specific problem, current situation. Next section will be the 2. target selection/identification with rationale of your decision, then will be 3. methods to validate and test the target. After that will be the 4. experimental results and discussion (you can make up the results (table and graphs) and comments upon your results), last part will be the 5. conclusion (what you have discovered, and the novel discovery, and clinical application). The final part will be the 6. references, DO NOT PLAGIARIZE

The instructions are all in physiology protocol, please use the website provided in there, not excel. You can screenshoot

The instructions are all in physiology protocol, please use the website provided in there, not excel. You can screenshoot the graph created in the website and paste them in the document. Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions and, please, do not leave everything until the last minute of deadline.

Scenario/Summary COPDHector loved visiting and playing with his grandson, David. Today was David’s birthday and the whole family was Essay

COPDHector loved visiting and playing with his grandson, David. Today was David’s birthday and the whole family was at the park to celebrate. They had tons of food and lots of games to enjoy. At one point, they had a three-legged race and David asked his grandfather, Hector, to be his partner. They gave it everything they had and crossed the finish line ahead of everyone else for the win.

Afterward, Hector started wheezing and had trouble catching his breath. He also had a tightness around his chest. Fearing that Hector may be having heart troubles, the family rushed him to the local emergency room. Hector reported to the doctor that he had been having a chronic cough that he couldn’t get rid of and had to clear his throat of mucus every morning.

Respiratory function tests indicated that Hector had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) as a result of chronic bronchitis. The ER physician sent him home with some medication and advised hector to assume the tripod position to aid in his breathing when he was experiencing shortness of breath.

Answer the following questions and save your responses in a Microsoft Word document. Provide a scholarly resource to support your answers.

1. How is ventilation different from respiration?
2. Ventilation is dependent upon a pressure gradient. Describe how this pressure gradient works.
3. What muscles are involved in ventilation?
4. What is COPD and how does it affect ventilation?
5. How does the tripod position help breathing in COPD patients?

Testing the efficiency of SIGS-mediated RNAi against M. Persicae

3 experiments were conducted and methods are written up. Experiments conducted were to assess whether spraying dsRNA can silence a target gene and affect aphid movement and reproduction.

Experiment 1: aphids sprayed while on plants.

Experiment 2: aphids feeding on sprayed plants.

Experiment 3: aphids alone were sprayed and then transferred to the plant to feed for 14 days. One aphid life cycle is completed in 14 days, so reproduction was assessed after 14 day period.

Nanoparticles were bound to dsRNA to see if it would improve the delivery to the plants and aphids, and improve the efficacy of treatments.

To summarise the results, there was a stronger effect on movement than reproduction in all tested conditions. No improved effect observed with nanoparticle-bound dsRNA.

I have attached a draft (which contains all sections) with feedback to help, a lot may seem repetitive. Please re-write concisely and professionally. Need help with statistical analysis, may need to be re-done (Fisher’s exact/chi squared test when comparing number of aphids for reproduction or number of dead aphids etc. highlighted in the document). Please do stats analysis where required even if I have not analysed.

Please note that I’ve attached an excel file with all the data and one-way ANOVA and t-test results. Post-hoc Tukey’s test results were done on an online platform, not present here, might need to be re-done.

Graphs already done. I will edit that myself, please use that for reference when writing results. Some graphs may present the same results in different ways (e.g. 4.11 and 4.12). However, please note comment on figure 4.10. Wouldn’t mind some guidance/ideas with compiling graphs 4.8 to 4.10 together.

I will be requesting an additional chapter (final discussion for the whole of the thesis) to be completed after this order has been done, would like for the same writer to work on it, thank you.

Thank you so much.

UPD: Cl will place order for another chapter which is related to that paper tomorrow. But it can be in progress when this order is completed. So, the same wr should be assigned and next order should be put on hold until this one is completed.

Lab Report 1 Essay

this is a lab report which contains three 2 previous assignments that we have already done ( II will upload these 2 assignments) and for the new one, I will provide everything that you need for this lab report. There is 3 lab report and I need to combine them into 1 lab report.
There is a link that I want you to use as one of the references. So to make sure so there is module 1 part 1, 2, and 3. I already have 1 and 2 I need part 3 which will include 1, 2, and 3.

I need your confirmation for your help regarding my Phd thesis. It is an experiment comparing the RNA seq

I need your confirmation for your help regarding my Phd thesis. It is an experiment comparing the RNA seq of two treatments. The first for growth of Dunaliella cells in inorganic autotrophic medium, the second is the same cells growing in mixture of organic and inorganic mixotrophic medium. The RNA seq data are already analyzed, and I have the resulting heat map and Gene ontologies and a combined transcriiptome assembly for the used 6 replicates (3 replicates for each treatment of the 2 treatments). I have no experience to guide with detailed instructions. I needed abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, and discussion for the thesis. It needs no software experience but I think you may need use user friendly bioinformatics websites to help you to find interpretations and detect the pathways that are up or down regulated in response to the different conditions of growth for the cells. I also may need to understand some information that you will provide me on your written manuscriipt as lt is my first RNAseq experiment.

Response Needed

Please respond to tiffney with 150 words
When I think of disease, I think of attacking the body. Something that is there to harm you and make you feel sick. The disease that concerns me most is Breast Cancer. I think this is most concerning to me because anyone can get it, and yeah there are genes to tell you whether you are more likely to have it or not. But it is knowing that you can get it with or without that gene that’s what worries me. What I try to do to avoid that disease is stay as healthy as I can, by making sure I eat healthily and stay active. I make sure that I get checked yearly and make sure that I am not putting harmful things into my body.

Mystery of the Black Death worksheet

1. The movie was about the Black Death. What is the real name for the disease? 2. What organism was the carrier of the disease, its bite giving you the virus? 3. What was the name of the mutation discussed? 4. What does one need to be completely immune to the Black Death (As far as the mutation goes?) 5. To what modern disease does the mutation discussed give its resistance or immunity to? 6. What percent of people were killed by the plague in europe? 7. If you got the disease, what were the chances you’d survive? 8. How does the plague “Out whit” the immune system? 9. What percent of native Africans

Writer’s Choice Essay

This will be a lab report/scientific paper.


You need to focus on paper on the sequence analysis and bioinformatics and not so much on literature. The project is to use the tools you learned earlier in the semester. Organize your results in this way: First, you and I obtained the sequence from NCBI. Then we observed the conserved domains using the CDD. I suggested you also do this for Pfam. Discuss the different domains observed and any active sites or binding sites. That’s three of the five approaches required.Please if you could use ClinVar or OMIM, they would count as approaches. OMIM will also give you some general information about these genes and phenotypes, so I think that would be a good resource for you to use. Remember you need to focus on BRAC 1 and BRAC 2. Ask question if you dont understand.

Please read “Paper” and add staff I wrote earlier.

Biblical Worldview

In the Biblical Worldview: Paper Assignment, you will convey your understanding of what is
meant by the term biblical worldview and apply principles of a biblical worldview to educational
practice. You will articulate key components of a Christian philosophy of education, citing from
the Bible and other literature on the topic of Christian philosophy of education.  This assignment
advances the School of Education’s mission: to develop competent professionals with a biblical
worldview for Christian, public, and private schools.
Write a 3-4-page paper that discusses your biblical worldview and its application to education.
Page length does not include the title page nor the references page.  An abstract is not required.  
The paper must include:
 Title Page
 Introduction
o Present a strong, clear thesis statement regarding the value of a biblical
 Biblical Worldview
o What is the basis for reality based on the existence of God?
o What is the basis for truth, and is truth absolute or relative?
o What values should anchor life decisions?   
 Biblical Philosophy of Education
o What is the purpose of education from a biblical view?
o What educational outcomes should be achieved in the lives of students as a result
of being taught by a teacher who teaches from a biblical worldview?
 Implications for Educational Practice
o What methods effectively address the basic nature of the child?
o How would you use these methods to motivate student learning in diverse student
o How would you use these methods to enhance classroom management?
 Conclusion
 References Page 

An introduction 3-4 paragraphs, talking about duckweed biology and ecology (examples of ideas include: life history, asexual vs. sexual

An introduction 3-4 paragraphs, talking about duckweed biology and ecology (examples of ideas include: life history, asexual vs. sexual reproduction, global and local problems with them, etc).
You should be using 2-4 references to support your introduction. Use Google Scholar on the topics for your review.
Cited sources MUST be in quotes with proper MLA citations. do this correctly please!

Proposal final Essay

I sent the support email under proposal please follow directions on the paper also it’s a fake pretend research so just make it up along the way and please no spelling errors don’t use Wikipedia and I have an interest with deers and wildlife and just nature but mostly into bats I like around the New York area if that helps and use google maps to find the site adequate

For this assignment, you will simply summarize the experiments, results, and conclusions from all the C. elegans experiments since

For this assignment, you will simply summarize the experiments, results, and conclusions from all the C. elegans experiments since the first paper. In other words, you must include in your paper:

–the screen for suppressors of che-10 using dye-filling assays

–retest data for your mutants

–Worm DNA extraction


–gel and sequencing reactions

–DNA sequence analysis of mutants

This assignment was announced in lab. The report should be as brief as possible while still including all necessary information (probably 7 pages or less) and must be organized into the following sections and given these headings:

1) Introduction (~1/2 – 1 page)

2) Materials and Methods (~3 pages)

3) Results (~2-4 pages)

4) Discussion (~1/2 – 1 page)

5) References Cited (use and cite at least the source below. You can cite other sources if desired.)

The introduction should briefly include background information about the rationale for our C. elegans screen. Why did we do the screen, what were we hoping to identify, and how might the information we find be of interest for medical science? A good resource for to help you with the introduction and discussion can be found here: (Links to an external site.) If you use any ideas, facts, or figures from ANY source you MUST use your own words and phrases and you MUST cite them explicitly. You should plan to end the Introduction with 1-3 sentences that summarize what you found in these experiments. (Could be something like, “Our results tentatively indicate that we isolated __ intragenic suppressor mutations our genetic screen for suppressors of the che-10 mutation….” or anything that makes sense…)

Materials and Methods should include experimental procedures and any materials you used. You should have all this information in your lab reports, and in the handouts and powerpoints, which are on Canvas. Include procedures for the dye-filling assay and scoring worms, worm DNA extraction, PCR, DNA gel, DNA sequencing reactions, and DNA sequence alignment and analysis. Include any information you think would allow a student entering BIOL380 next year to replicate your experiments.

Results should contain text, data tables, or figures (such as bar graphs) that only describe data and descriiptions of the data. Make it easy to read–You can create data tables or plot data on bargraphs, for example. If available, you should indicate number of animals (worms) tested. If your results did not seem “right,” don’t worry! Science is about truth (see below).

Discussion should include conclusions about your experiments. You could describe anything that you learned from this experience. You also might use your data to continue to discuss why C. elegans is or is not a useful genetic model organism. Please discuss how our data and experiment might relate to human progressive blindness. You could draw out a simple model of the genes and mutations underlying the complementation test you performed, summarizing your conclusions. It is up to you as long as it makes sense. Feel free to use other sources as long as they are cited but do not cut and paste ANYTHING.

References should include each cited work in a list with all authors, publication, and year published.

Science is all about the truth. Therefore, even if experiments didn’t work out the way we wanted, the results must be reported truthfully and IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Also, please remember that plagiarism is grounds for failure. Plagiarism is using words or even ideas from another work without citing it. However, using words or pictures from another student’s report even if you cite that student is not permitted. So, for any outside sources you use, you MUST digest the ideas you would like to use and then put them into your own words.

Cutting and pasting from any source, even if you change a word here and there, is plagiarism so don’t do it. Any outside facts or figures also must be cited. Each individual should write his/her own report that should not be the same (or even partially the same) as any other student’s report. If you have any questions about what constitutes plagiarism, contact me. To avoid failing due to plagiarism, don’t cut and paste from ANY SOURCE. Do not cut and paste pictures from any source or from another student’s work.

You will submit this report electronically on Canvas and it will be scanned by “Turnitin,” which automatically detects plagiarism.

To avoid failing due to plagiarism, don’t cut and paste from ANY SOURCE. Don’t use the exact same text as another student here at MSU or anywhere else. I encourage you to look at your turnitin score before the due date and make sure it is under 10%. If your report has a turnitin score above 10% you must revise and resubmit BEFORE THE DUE DATE. After the due date, your report will be assumed to be final and I will not accept revisions. Because it is so close to the end of the semester, I can not accept late assignments.

For this 60 point assignment, it will be as if I asked you to discuss water pollution and told

For this 60 point assignment, it will be as if I asked you to discuss water pollution and told you to have at least a certain number of articles and book chapters available to research the topic. Of course, that is what you need to do. Please create a reading list that includes links to or the actual articles and book chapters. This list will include annotations, which means you need to write a couple of sentences describing the article’s contents for every reference. Of course, these will be in your own words, thus not simply copying the article’s abstract.

The topic is freshwater pollution. Your reading list should have the following sections for your references: Clean Freshwater, Polluted Freshwater, Typical Freshwater Pollutants, and Fixing Freshwater Pollution.

To obtain these references, you must navigate the school’s library databases to locate the articles and links. The point is to get the full published articles or a link to a “free” source. This means, although you may wish to go to “Google” or “Google Scholar” for your references and find them many times, you will not have access to the article. In contrast, if you source it from the school library’s databases, you can usually get a copy.

To get started, on a separate document page, like Word or Pages or the equivalent. Then organize your list and follow the directions below.

Once you have your document set up, go to A-Z Databases at Palm Beach State College: A-Z Databases

The page will open with a listing of all the databases (I did not count them, but there are many), so you need to narrow your selection by selecting the “Science” databases in the “All Subject” tab. By selecting “Science,” only 23 science databases will appear. At the top of the list are databases that the library considers the Best Bets, which may or may not be accurate for a specific topic such as yours. However, you will note that it looks promising that the first two databases are about environmental issues, which probably will have something about freshwater pollution. Also listed are ScienceDirect (Elsevier) and Springer eJournal Collection (Springer) databases that contain numerous biology/ecology journals. One more in the list below the Best Bets, JSTOR, where you see that it has access to over 700 journal titles, usually at least a year or so old.

In the outline below, I have checked out one of the databases, found a reference for a “freshwater pollutant,” added it to my list, and added an annotation. You may include this reference in your list if you wish. Under each of the four topic areas, alphabetize the list. For each topic, you need to provide five references. Under some circumstances, you may find the reference is a book or book chapter, which is also acceptable. Finally, when your document is complete, upload your file to this site and submit it along with copies of all your references. It work better is you can zip or collapse you files before submitting them, which will make them load faster.

Use this outline for your document.


Your name:


Clean Freshwater

Polluted Freshwater

Typical Freshwater Pollutants

Goolsby, D.A. and G.M. Clark. 1999. Occurrence and transport of acetochlor in streams of the Mississippi River basin. Journal of Environmental Quality 28(6): 1787. Annotation: The herbicide acetochlor used on corn as a weed killer has been detected in the Mississippi River but usually at levels below allowable public water sources. The results suggest that there need to be longer-term studies to monitor stream concentrations as more acetochlor is used. (You will note this reference is a full-text document, but it is an HTML document. You need to select to “Print” the document, and when it comes to choosing the printer, you want to select “Save as PDF,” which means it will save a copy to your computer, as in this case, Goolsby and Clark 1999. Please remember to submit a copy of each article along with your document list.)

Fixing Freshwater Pollution

Need Sunday 9pm Central Time

Community Engagement

You will be designing a presentation for a women’s group regarding the prevalence of heart disease among African American women. Remember, your group will be diverse in educational background and age. Your goal is to create a creative, engaging presentation that will engage all ages and educational backgrounds.

Guidelines for your Project 

No less than ten slides an introduction page and a work cited page ( 12 pages in total)

Content should be grounded in research.

Be sure to include a prevalence of the disease, including information about the disease and onset, health lifestyle tips/ nutrition.

Be colorful and creative ( however, be mindful of color selection)

Include Graphs, pictures, and multimedia ( large images imputed to take up space will result in a 10 point reduction per slide)

Ensure all links added to your PowerPoint or Google Slides are accessible

You will need to submit a written script for each slide, this can be completed in a word document. 

Do not use excessively large font for slides. (5 point deduction)

No late submission will be accepted; please verify that your file is accessible.  Submitting the wrong file or a file that is not accessible will result in a grade of 0,  No exceptions. Please do not submit assignments via email; it will not be accepted. Presentation not meeting minimal requirements will result in a 10 point deduction for each missing component.


sourdough lab Essay

This is the lab report that we did about 4 weeks twice wee we would take our sourdough to the lab and count the cells. I will Provide the cells that were counted on each lab day and also ph paper. I will also provide the articles and also the video ( to show you how we did count the cells under the microscope. I will also attach the prelab that we did before we started the experiment and the hypothesis of course if you think something needs to be changed in the hypothesis you can do so. you can use these articles for the lab report.
You can use the pictures that I will provide.

write up a lab report about extracting DNA and amplifying and run the samples in yield gel write method Essay

write up a lab report about extracting DNA and amplifying and run the samples in yield gel write method and result and discussion and conclusion my samples are y1,y2,y3,y4,y5 extraction positive control, y6 extraction negative control, 676-p is pcr positive control and 676-n is pcr negative control the variable is the time y1 one day old cigarette, y2 3 days old, y3 6 days old, y4 is 9 days old
articipate in discussion about the results of your mock case samples.

Include a methods section – describe your samples. The extraction was with the DNA investigator kit and amping was done with the F15 and R389 primers and GoTaq PCR master mix. You can be very brief when describing those procedures (use the terms “manufacturers recommended protocol” and you do not have to give a step by step breakdown.

Include results. You can write these up in paragraph form. Include the yield gel photo as a figure and discuss why some bands may have appeared less intense than the others.

Include a conclusion paragraph about what, if anything, can be concluded.

Ask if you have questions.

I will post the mtDNA sequence alignment assignment as a separate assignment worth 0 points.
in the gel result picture my samples the four started in the edge not the middle.

April 28 Essay

I have posted the blank-extracted data in the protein folder for you to use to calculate your protein concentrations. I also updated the protein assay spreadsheet to simplify some areas and provide instructions to remind everyone what to do.

For homework, use the protein assay spreadsheet to calculate the concentration of your protein samples and calcuate how much you need for 10 ug of protein for our gels tomorrow. This is an individual assignment. Upload your excel spreadsheet to the assignment in my content folder by classtime tomorrow. At the beginning of class, we’ll talk about which values to use and you’ll compare your numbers with your group members. Then we’ll get started on Westerns.

[email protected] password: Sierpien18
blackboard/ pick the last one (20221019144: 202210-BIO6310-060
Instructor: James Arnone; Emily Monroe Waldburger; )
choose Monroe folder and you will find there everything you need.

Concept Map 5 Essay

Everything you need is provided in the attached files. This is a big assignment, I would appreciate it you could use all the term since I need a good grade on this assignment. I have also provided an example of what the concept map should look like. Let me know if you need anything else. Use outside resource for this assignment is fine.

Unknown Identification You should be prepared to turn in a report identifying your unknown organism. Out of a possible

Unknown Identification

You should be prepared to turn in a report identifying your unknown organism. Out of a possible 35 points you will be graded as follows, and according to your rubric.
Interpretation of your results and identifying your unknown
• Describe the purpose of the specific biochemical tests used in the identification process. (i.e., Gram stain helps to differentiate organisms based on cell wall…)
• Be sure to indicate what each result means. Be sure to discuss if you have a positive or negative result for the different biochemical tests. (i.e., blue citrate tube indicates citrate utilization)
• Conclusion that summarizes the results as well as identifies your unknown
Paragraph with information on your organism
• Include where your organism can be naturally found as well as what type of diseases it may cause.
Be sure to cite your sources as well as include a reference page. The references must be done in APA format. You do not need to turn in an abstract for this paper.