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The award has a new name, and it’s now called Training APEX Awards. At the time of this assignment – the Top 100 companies are in alphabetical order. The 2023 Training APEX Awards Winners can be accessed HERE Links to an external site.. Examples of companies on the list include: Cardinal Health CarMaxCVS HealthEdward Jones Guardian Life InsuranceHackensack Meridian HealthHuntington BankJohns Hopkins MedicineNYC Health HospitalsPacific Gas

TLG PowerPoint

Clean’s owners have primary concerns about negligence risks and liabilities related to potential accidents occurring in their public business space to employees and/or customers.Clean is headquartered in commercial space in a local shopping center. This is a public space that includes private business offices, a public reception area, a conference meeting area, and space for potential and existing clients to meet to discuss cleaning jobs, buy cleaning products, and complete contracts for cleaning services.  The shopping center is busy and heavily trafficked with shoppers.Winnie and Ralph request that you research and recommend a plan to identify potential negligence risks/liabilities and ways to minimize those potential negligence risks in Clean’s public facility.  You will then make a PowerPoint supported presentation to the Clean owners. The Clean owners will use the plan to refine policies and procedures to prevent and/or minimize their liabilities. InstructionsPrepare a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation to:(1) develop a plan to identify and explain potential negligence risks/liabilities, and (2) recommend ways to minimize those potential negligence risks in Clean’s public facility.  (3) The plan focuses on potential tort liabilities for negligence (do not discuss or include the tort of strict product liability in this project).The PowerPoint presentation will be labeled in 2 parts:There is no set number of PPT slides required, but it is important to be complete and comprehensive in the presentation.  Use only the assigned resources available in the classroom for the project.Formatting •    An opening slide with your name, class name and number and date of submission•    An Introductory slide is always appropriate and appreciated•    A Summary or Conclusion slide is also appropriate•    The Speaker Notes on a final slide titled “Resources” should reflect the full APA citation of all resources. (Note: There should be an in-text citation in the Speaker Notes narrative wherever a supportive resource is referenced.)•    Using PowerPoint slides, create two (2) distinct parts of your presentation:1.  Identify and explain 3 different specific situations that could create negligence risks/liabilities for Clean in its public facility. Explain why/how each situation creates possible negligence liability•    Part I.  Risks and LiabilitiesA.  Negligence Risk Situation 1B.  Negligence Risk Situation 2C.  Negligence Risk Situation 32. Develop and explain policies and/or procedures Clean could implement to prevent or minimize the negligence risk/liability for each situation discussed in 1 above.•    Part II.  Policies and Procedures1.  Policy/Procedure for Negligence Risk Situation 12.  Policy/Procedure for Negligence Risk Situation 23.  Policy/Procedure for Negligence Risk Situation 3


Discuss the quality of the sources, the content of the topic, and determine if each of the sources agrees/match with each other.  Provide discussion related to management of your decision-making if the sources do not match.Please post your EBP Resources early so others will have an opportunity to respond to your post by the deadline. And, you can respond to their post as well. For example, smoking cessation is the topic. The 3 EBP sources chosen for comparison are,, and American Lung Association. Present content regarding smoking cessation from the 3 sources and compare. Provide analysis of the strength of the sources and the provider is to manage the discrepancies of content.  You cannot use this example for your post.

Fourm 2

Write 5-15 sentences. Post 2: Read some of the posts from your classmates. Choose one that interests you and post a response to it. Tell why you agree with or enjoyed thinking about their response. Write 3-12 sentences total. BElow”I believe the mind and body are two separate things. The mind does not necessarily need the body to function. A common example of this would be in relation to a coma. Even though the body is currently not working, the mind is still showing activity. That being said, I do believe that they work hand-in-hand. What I mean by this is there are plenty of examples and studies proving that mental health and physical health directly affect each other. I believe the soul is more so a part of the mind. The soul can be described as an individual’s thoughts and character which is moreso related to the brain. It is hard to prove the fact that souls even exist. They are not a tangible part of our being. Also, there could be influence from religion, spirituality, etc. involved with these studies. It is more likely for someone who is religious to believe in souls rather than someone who is not, therefore, this could lead to some form of bias.”To receive maximum points, keep in mind that your responses must:    Address the topic or answer the question.    Be respectful to others.    Be in good English.    Be proper length.    Must be completed and submitted before the Due Date. Check your Due Dates document and be sure to complete it on time.Part 2:Post 1: Gall’s phrenology was popular for decades, but apparently has not held up to scientific scrutiny. Think of a practice or belief that is or has been popular, but that has not been shown to be irrefutably true with scientific methods. Tell briefly how it could be tested to see if it is true or false. Write 5-15 sentences. Post 2: Read some of the posts from your classmates. Choose one that interests you and post a response to it. Tell why you agree with or enjoyed thinking about their response. Write 3-12 sentences total.”One practice that I found has many different opinions on its’ effectiveness is chiropractic medicine. This field of medicine, or pseudoscience, has been said to be effective by chiropractors everywhere and even by clients of chiropractors. Yet, many doctors and physicians around the world say that chiropractic has little to no effect on your health, if not a negative effect. There have been many instances where people come out of an appointment with a chiropractor feeling much better than before, but also many instances where clients may feel much worse. I think this would be interesting to test, as it is a relatively popular method of helping with joint/muscle pain, and could also be relatively easy to study. I think one way to study it could be to observe those who regularly partake in chiropractic medicine versus those who do not, and see how they differ health-wise. Another way to potentially test it would be to bring in people who do not generally go to a chiropractor, and get them to partake in chiropractic medicine for a few weeks, and see if they feel better or worse than when they started. I think this would be something beneficial to study, as I have constant back pain and while many people suggest going to a chiropractor, many also say that it would not work or would cause worse pain. I would like to see the benefits/risks behind the practice.”

Envision that you were going to conduct research about the relationship between academic performance (e.g., better grades) and the differing

Envision that you were going to conduct research about the relationship between academic performance (e.g., better grades) and the differing levels of volume in music (interval scale) while studying.How would the study be designed using a correlational design?How would the study be designed using a quasi-experimental design?How would the study be designed using an experimental design?All discussions must adhere to APA rules.

Analysis of Humanistic Theory

Project 3 should follow the pattern of your previous project: (a) explain and visualize the theory (either Maslow or Rogers), (b) share a chart which categorizes the theory per Feist’s six dimensions, and (c) reflect on its relevance to a faith based model of personality development. This paper should follow APA Style format and cite any sources you use to complete it.The following model will be applicable for your papers-Title PageOptional AbstractIntroduction- Around 350 words                      – Summarize the theory                       – Diagram about the theory itself (For example- Maslows’s Hierarchal pyramid diagram)                      -Key terms of theory in bullet or paragraph form       4. Categorization- 150 words I expect this section will take more than 150 words.                      -Include the visual above (checking each row with how the theory corresponds)                      -THOROUGHLY explain why you chose each item (why is Freud’s theory more pessimistic for example)                      – USE the textbook and references to prove your points here.      5. Relevance                      – How does this theory compare to the Christian faith? Does it contradict the word? Could the ideas be used by a                                Christian counselor?Overall, every project from now on should clearly display that you have read and understood the theory. Usage of paraphrases and quotes (with citations) are required. Biblical references are great but shouldn’t make up the foundation. I know many of you are FULL of biblical knowledge, but I also would like to see what you’re gathering from the textbook (Theories of Personality by Jess Feist 10th edition) and other readings. This is how I gauge your mastery of the material.

Senior Project

I would like to shadow the assistant Director of Nursing to learn the role of the nurse as a leader at a  Treatment facility for boys ages 7-17. Here is some information on the treatment center:Our Mission*** mission is to provide high-quality mission is to provide high-quality compassionate behavior compassionate behavioral health to individuals by utilizing evidence-based practices and rendering exclusive therapeutic residential treatment services and opportunities to grow and develop personal connections in a natural setting.Our Mission Statement***’s mission is to provide high-quality compassionate behavioral health care to individuals by utilizing evidence-based practices and rendering exclusive therapeutic residential treatment services in a safe, caring environment leading to independence and opportunities to grow and develop personal connections in a natural setting.Our Goalteen smilingOur *** program provides a specialized therapeutic residential treatment setting for males, so they can improve their functioning and transition to a less restrictive community placement or when possible, to their own family of origin or another family setting.*** goals to decrease:Unsteady emotionsImpulsivityRelationship difficultiesConfused about one’s selfValue Statementteen smiling*** believes that individuals should have the opportunity to receive services and support in their communities, regardless of the complexity of their condition, the severity of their condition, the severity of their disabilities, or the challenges of their behaviors.OUR Values and Commitments:We are committed to our consumers, employees, Local Management Entity, and community. Only by satisfying their needs and aspirations will we, ***, be known for making a difference.We are committed to providing behavioral health care with a strict adherence to “The Best Practice Standards” and offering a full array of training options for all staff.We are committed to quality – in the client we serve, in the services we offer, in all of our work. Our goal is to be not necessarily the biggest, but the best.We are committed to innovation, not to be different but to add value. We believe that within the parameters of everything we do, there is always a better way to do it.We are committed to being human, to being open, honest, friendly, sincere, and concerned. We believe our results are directly connected to our attitudes toward our consumers and their families, our community partners.We are committed to our State agencies, as valued partners, to relationships that endure on the basis of mutual fairness and contributions.We are committed to the long view: sound financial policies without compromise and continuing reinvestment in the company, policies that protect the future, as well as our ability to grow and serve as many citizens in *** as possible.We are committed to make *** an even-better place to work. Our objectives are respect for cultural diversity of the individual, equal opportunity for growth, and above-average rewards based on merit.We are committed to the concept of corporate social responsibility, which begins with good citizenship in the communities where we work.We are committed to the pursuit of these standards and goals because we believe they are intrinsically right. They also happen to be the basis for good quality behavioral healthcare services.

Iroquois League Constitution

Primary sources are ones that were written during a period in history that we study. This one the Iroquois Constitution was formulated before Europeans came to North America. There is a link to the document at the bottom of the assignment. Use it to write your essay. It is believed that at least 500 years ago Native peoples of in the area of modern day upstate New York combined to become a more unified state by creating the Great Law that bound the original five and later added a sixth nation together. The word Confederation should sound familiar to we Americans. Living in the South we automatically think of the southern Confederacy and ensuing Civil War. However, there was an earlier Confederacy in the US. It was our first form of government after declaring our independence from Great Britain. What American history has taught us is that a confederacy is generally too weak a governmental structure for Americans. The Articles of Confederation were too weak to help the infant United States to prosper. Because of this we put the Articles aside and wrote the Constitution. The other confederacy in the South also failed to be strong enough to implement financial, economic, military and other processes that could have strengthened the Confederacy. In both cases, the states had too much power. Interestingly, the Iroquois League did not suffer a lack of central power. Their fate was tied to the expansion and aggression of European settlers. By the end of the Revolution the League was under attack and would largely cease to exist. This did not mean that all peoples were gone, as many Americans believed. But the Confederacy was broken and few members of the League lived. Below is a link to the Constitution that you will use to write your 300-400 word essay. It is a link to History Sourcebook, it provides a bit more information and then the entire text of the Great Law. In a 300-400 word academic essay respond to the following questions. You must have an introductory and concluding paragraph. Remember that at this level we do not restate questions in essays. When discussing a particular point remember you must include a citation to the source. When you cite the Constitution give the item number in your citation. *) What are the reasons given for the Great Law to be agreed upon? *) What positions/roles do women have under the Great Law? *) Briefly explain the funerary practices. Why would they be included? Explain why are they so complex?

Article review

A.    Summary of the article:  (15 points)1.    Describe the content within the article.  Give detail and do not plagiarize.      Think carefully, what information is important to you from your reading.  You cannot summarize everything, what is most important?2.    Include these specific topics in your review:    Three dimensions of executive functioni.    Summarize only the infant / toddler months located on the chart at the bottom of page 9 in the article    Define / explain “air traffic control” system    What neuroscience tells us specifically about the infant / toddler years    Popular misconceptions

A critical analysis of the scholarly article, “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” by the art historian Linda Nochlin

The objectives for this paper are:(1) Learn in-depth about a specific topic from our historical period of study(2) Gain an appreciation for the methods of art historical research(3) Independently apply and contextualize knowledge acquired in the articleIn this paper, you are to make an argument about the scholarly article. First, you must identify and explain the argument the article advances, and then you will provide your own argument about that argument, commenting on its construction, validity, contemporary relevance, etc.Begin by reading the article carefully. Before you start writing, it is essential that you understand the key points of the text. You may well need to read it two times before you even begin to organize your thoughts. During your initial readings of the article, consider the following:•    What is the article’s thesis? What is she arguing for or against?•    What is the author’s motivation for writing the article? What does it add to our understanding of its subject that previous studies did not?•    What key points and types of evidence does the author use to support his/her thesis?Remember that while a critical analysis will contain a summary of the article, the paper is not solely a summary. Your paper should have its own thesis that comments on the article’s argument. As you write your analysis, consider the following guidelines:•    Introduce the work under consideration by stating the title and author.•    Your introductory paragraph should contain a brief summary of the article and state your own thesis about it.•    In the following paragraphs, elaborate on your initial summary and comment on the construction of the article’s argument. The structure of your paper should roughly follow the structure of the article. Jumping back and forth around the article will in all likelihood confuse your reader and lose the thread of the author’s argument.•    How does the author support her argument? How does she use works of art as evidence? What other sources of evidence does she use? What evidence do you find especially compelling? Is any of the evidence weak or insufficient?•    Support your argument by using specific passages from the article as evidence. However, be judicious in your use of block quotations, and be sure to frame quoted passages within the overall fabric of your paper.o    Be sure to cite quotations with an MLA-style citation.Remember that the purpose of a critical analysis is to evaluate. •    What is the significance of this article? •    How does it make you think differently about the material studied?o    Impressionismo    Impressionist Artso    Impressionist Artists (Edouard Manet, Gustave Caillebotte, Claude Monet, etc.)•    How is it relevant to issues in contemporary culture? •    Consider the blind spots of the article. For example, what types of questions or sources of evidence does it avoid or omit?Lastly, your paper should have a conclusion that does something more than rehash what came before it. The conclusion is a space to contemplate the stakes of your argument. •    What have we gained from reading your analysis of this article? •    What new questions does it open up that future researchers might wish to contemplate? •    What are the article’s broader implications for studying art history or understanding culture more generally?Please review the attachments for full instructions and the assigned article.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Effective internal governance structure and accountability enhance risk management in healthcare organizations.Analyze the risks you identified.Submit a 5-page analysis report that incorporates techniques for scoring potential risks that address the following:Identify existing controls including internal governance and specific roles. These are interventions the organization established to reduce or eliminate risks.The internal risk governance structures, policies, rules, procedures, guidelines, training, and emergency systems.Address the roles of the risk management committee and the coordinator.Examine the root causes of the risks. This helps in modifying the process to avert future occurrence.Determine the likelihood of the risk occurring.Determine the potential consequences and impact of the risk occurring.Submitting your assignment in APA format means, at a minimum, you will need the following:Title page: Remember the running head. The title should be in all capitals.Length: 5 pages minimumBody: This begins on the page following the title and must be double-spaced (be careful not to triple- or quadruple-space between paragraphs). The typeface should be 12-pt. Times Roman or 12-pt. Courier in regular black type. Do not use color, bold type, or italics, except as required for APA-level headings and references. The deliverable length of the body of your paper for this assignment is 5 pages. In-body academic citations to support your decisions and analysis are required. A variety of academic sources is encouraged.Reference page: References that align with your in-body academic sources are listed on the final page of your paper. The references must be in APA format using appropriate spacing, hanging indent, italics, and uppercase and lowercase usage as appropriate for the type of resource used. Remember, the Reference page is not a bibliography but a further listing of the abbreviated in-body citations used in the paper. Every referenced item must have a corresponding in-body citation.

Emergency Management

Use real-world, historical disasters as a reference in your paper to discuss challenges with addressing planning, response, and recovery efforts toward the socially affluent while ignoring the most vulnerable populations.  Discuss several factors which make a community vulnerable, and how to address the challenges to prepare for and respond to a disaster. Furthermore, recovery and mitigation efforts sometimes benefit the affluent and hurt the vulnerable as well.  Discuss challenges and concerns in resilient recovery and mitigation actions which address the whole community.Don’t forget in-text citations, spelling, and grammar.****One source attached, please find and use others as well***

Diversity Training Memo to HR

You will begin this project by identifying a training program that you will create. You may choose one of these topics or propose a new topic. Choose a short training program that can be addressed in a 10-15 minute course.Topic:Diversity TrainingDeliverable:Make a business case through a detailed memo to your HR Director (or other relevant leader) for how a training program can support the organization’s strategic goals and address the needs gap. Use the articles and resources provided to support your ideas.Your memo should be 2-3 pages, double spaced, and follow APA conventions.*Use the attached articles and resources from class for support.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

In your initial posts for this week, reflect on the following:You have completed your Human Subjects Certification recently. Based on the Belmont Principles, what unethical practices did the researchers engage in?What are the consequences of it from a public health and social justice perspective?For example, you can discuss current issues such as vaccine hesitancy or historical issues such as the perception of HIV being a manmade weapon of racial warfare.Reply to at least two peers. In your replies, please address the following:What did your peer make you think about that you hadn’t thought about before regarding this study or, more broadly, about human subjects research violations?

Why is Customer Accessibility Important

This can include any chapter.  Copy and paste the link to the TOP of your submission so other students can easily click on the article. accessibility is beneficial to,improve your SEO and usability.Write a minimum of a 300-word summary and commentary about the article. Feel free to go beyond what the article specifically talks about. Write about how it relates to you and your experiences.

What is good writing?

Find ways to narrow this definition by defining good writing in terms of a certain situation like “good essay writing,” or “good fiction writing,” or “good writing in poetry.” Itemize characteristics: Try breaking the topic up into subtopics like content, grammar, etc.Show examples: Discuss examples that fit in your definition and illustrate your characteristics.

Identify an outcome of nursing practice in your area of practice that can be improved.

For example, if you work in home health, you may identify that throw rug use by fall risk patients is too prevalent.  You may be able to use the problem that inspired the theory concepts that you developed in week two.Briefly support why it is a problem with evidence from the literature. This is not the major focus of the assignment so do not elaborate.Create a clinical nursing (not medical) theory in the form Concept A | Proposition | Concept B. Think of the structure like two nouns and a verb. While the term proposition is much more complex in the dictionary, in our use it is the connecting term between the two concepts. Examples include Concept A improves Concept B, Concept A is related to Concept B, when Concept A increases then Concept B also increases, etc. When you get to research, you will explore this further as you develop independent and dependent variables. How to use these statistically will come in research and statistics courses.This clinical theory is identified as an empirical theory when you get to the C-T-E model later in this course. It is empirical in that they can be measured.Identify and define your concepts. Identify how they could be measured in a research study. Be careful that you do not use compound concepts. If you find the words “and” or “or” in your theory, you are probably too complex.

Week #3 Corbett’s US History

P. Scott Corbett, et al, US History (PDF provided in Canvas OR click on book title for a web link) NOTE: ◊  ALL citations NEED TO BE BOLD in order to get full credit for them◊  If you do NOT cite, you will receive NO CREDIT for that questionuse Times New Roman font 12 or comparable ONLYSubmit ALL questions as one assignment HERE!!! (within Canvas)        NOTE:  If your turnitin “Similarity %” is 21% or higher, you will lose points and the paper will be examined very closely for plagiarism and thus could receive a 0!!! There have been a few students that have run into the “similarity” issue (in past classes) and this was mainly are due to including the Corbett questions “word for word” in their answers.  Avoiding this is simple…do NOT include the questions with your answers. Simply type answers and submit!

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Research two brands of ERP software that Smitheford could use to improve its performance. In the decision tree, analyze the possible effects that the implementation of each brand of ERP software may have on Smitheford’s operations. In a single word document, address the following:Provide an overview of two brands of ERP software to the executive.Create a decision tree diagram that includes both brands of ERP software, analyzes key implementation questions, and describes the action outcomes for the executive.Using the decision tree diagram that you created, choose one brand of ERP software to recommend to the executive and describe why it should be implemented.

5-1 Discussion: Diversity and the Natural and Applied Sciences

To ensure an interesting and respectful discussion, you are encouraged to think creatively about your initial posts and build upon the points made by your peers. Discussing challenges that face our world often means investigating opinions and ideas different from your own. Remember to remain thoughtful and respectful towards your peers and instructor in your discussion post and replies, as discussed in the Module One Overview. It is also important to review the module resources and read the prompts in their entirety before participating in the discussion.Create one initial post and follow up with at least two response posts.For your initial post, address the following:    Identify a scientific topic that interests you. This might be something that you want to learn more about or perhaps something that has always fascinated you.    Summarize the topic in 1–3 sentences.    Develop a research question about the topic. What do you want to know about it? What connections, causes, or effects are you curious about?    How might having a greater awareness of diversity and bias benefit scientific research on your question?