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Azure Project 1: Comprehensive Cloud Plane

You are employed as a cloud administrator at Cyber Domain Consultants, a firm specializing in Microsoft Azure cloud adoption support.

Your current client, a federal government agency, has hired your firm to help with the agency’s upcoming Azure cloud pilot. The agency has 1,000 employees and several regional offices throughout the country. The agency has a small data center but does not have space in its server room for any more racks, so a cloud solution would eliminate the need for additional hardware. In addition, the chief information officer wants to have the ability to set up a system quickly and be able to decommission it promptly. He also does not want to worry about upgrades, patches, or maintaining the servers. The CIO wants to explore hosting applications and services in the cloud service.

Thus, the agency has budgeted $100,000 over the next year for a pilot program to test the feasibility of using Azure as the cloud provider.

Your first assignment is to develop a Comprehensive Cloud Plan for the agency’s CIO. Follow the instructions in the next section to learn more about this assignment.

This week, you should begin working on your Comprehensive Cloud Plan, which is due next week.

The plan is for your client, a federal government agency, which is preparing for a Microsoft Azure cloud pilot. The Comprehensive Cloud Plan is the first of a two-part assignment for your client’s chief information officer.

The plan should be submitted in a Word document. The Comprehensive Cloud Plan should be eight to 10 pages, including cover page, images or tables, and references.

Your plan should include the following information for the CIO:

  • an executive summary to describe the requirements
  • at least three benefits of using Azure
  • a detailed explanation of the Azure cloud types and deployment models
  • definition of common Azure terms: tenants, management groups, subscriptions, resource groups, and resources
  • the significance of FedRAMP
  • the Azure governance model

To get started, download the Project 1: Comprehensive Cloud Plan Template and follow the instructions in the document. 

 Your cloud plan is due in Week 4.

Identify a research question that could be asked in attachment theory research applying Xu and colleagues’ ‘rational constructivist’ theoretical framework and describe what kinds of methods/paradigms could be used to help research those questions

500 words 

APA style references 

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Biochemical Connections: Law

Read the article found in section 9A: Biochemical Connections: Law in your digital book. PLEASE base the answer in the book ” Biochemistry” 9th edition . Campbell, Farrell, McDougal.
Using the Concorde’s Online Library, your digital material, and other scholarly websites, discuss the following:
What are your feelings regarding the article?
Describe, in detail, what the following statement means, “What can be patented is purified DNA containing the sequence of the gene and techniques that allow the study of the genes.”
How do you see the patenting of genes/DNA impacting science and medicine over the next 30 years?
Do you believe this trend is ethical? Why/why not?
Step 2: Compile your thoughts

Compensation System 2

Assume you work for Godman Sachs bank. Conduct an interview that responds to the following questions:
1. Can an effective compensation program solve only motivation-related problems or also management ones? 2. Is it important to monitor market trends to form a compensation plan and how often can it be adjusted to meet external incentives? 3. How is compliance with the legal dimension ensured in the formation of the compensation program? 4. how to meet employee needs with compensation? 5. What type of Benefits does the employee get in Al-Rajhi Bank? 6. how do you achieve employee satisfaction with compensation?
MLA Citation
Each response should be at least 40 words

Writing Question

recap from the first stage of the Be Interested assignment:”…. Then begin to do the research required to address the question the event raised for you. I expect you to begin with informational sources and to keep digging until you find at least two sources that advance your thinking in significant ways. I am interested in the sources that you find after you’ve moved beyond the basic background information.”
To begin, mark those places when reading source materials where a question of any kind is raised for you. An unfamiliar word, data that seems not to compute, an interpretation that doesn’t make sense, an odd sentence structure–wherever your reading is stopped, take note of it. This drilling down will shape the focus of your essay with what interests you!
Part 2 is your attempt to summarize and organize the answers to your Subject response questions in a narrative the explains what you now understand after researching. Remember YOU are the audience, so write your narrative with the intent to explain to yourself what you now know.


May 19th, 2022

simple project management question

I have a super management question to solve by 1$ , its super easy After watch this video you have to write answer below question.
Watch the YouTube video “World Record: Fastest House Built.What options did Habitat for Humanity(H4H) use to complete the house so quickly?
There is no world limit but dont copy and paste answer. you can write with your own understanding
the due date after 3 days

Solar Pannel Programming

As of 4/30/22, Enphase Energy (a solar panel company), Inc.’s enterprise value was about $21B, compared to $10B in Sept. 2020. There are two kinds of ESG-minded investors who might invest in Enphase – the pro-ESG/impact investors and ESG-aware investors who believe Enphase’s business model is sustainable and has high growth potential. Which type of investors do you think will dominate in determining the valuation for Enphase in the market? Explain your position. About 1 page 12 font. Please refer to and integrate lesson on this topic specifically talked about in the lessons document. Also, skim through the following HBS article (link below) that talks about how not all investments are equal and how investing is not enough to scale a business or save an economy to apply to the idea to the paper too. I also plugged in a lot of other metrics and comparable metrics of competitors for Enphase in the excel if you feel you need to refer to something for better analysis.

Defining and describing questions about Environmental Ethics, philosophers and things such as monism and pluralism

1. Define, describe and contrast the general difference between “moral monism” and
“moral pluralism” as presented by Christopher Stone (define each concept first, then
paraphrase and use examples to clarify your explications).
What does Stone mean when he “refuses to presume that all ethical activities are, in
all contexts, determined by the same features, or even subject to the same overarching
(See class notes and pages 195 – 198)
a. Stone presents a contrast between different types of “Metaethical Assumptions”
What are the basic differences he presents between “Moral Monism” approaches
to ethics and possible “Moral Pluralist” approaches to ethics—especially as they
might relate to Environmental Ethics. (Note: he starts by making reference to
Aldo Leopold’s “Land Ethic” to set up his contrast).
b. Describe with examples where helpful the additional considerations Stone
discusses such as the “variables” of Grain of Description, Mood, and Logical
(formal) structure.
c. Relate his overall motivation for discussion these options to approaching
Environmental Ethics (EE)—to “give good reasons” for whatever choices we
might make in a given context or situation.
2. Why does Callicott argue for “a single moral philosophy uniting multiple moral
communities” and what general direction does he suggest as a solution?
(See class notes and pages 214-216)
a. What are the problems Callicott has/identifies with Stone’s pluralistic approach to
Environmental Ethics (EE)?
b. What is Callicott’s proposed alternative to Stone’s approach to EE? Present and
describe his goal o f a “Single Moral Philosophy” which can provide unity or a
simpler criterion for approaching EE.
3. Why does Andrew Light argue against Callicott’s Theoretical Monism? Describe
Light’s reasons for adopting a “practical pluralism” using Arne Naess’s
Metatheoretical pluralism.
(See class notes and pages 238-244)
a. Present Light’s summary or take on Callicott’s perspective of Stone’s pluralistic
approach and his summary of Callicott’s monism.
b. Why does Light claim that Callicott’s “communitarian monism” is unable to
capture or achieve the same ends/goals as a pluralist approach? (See his example
from Brenann)
c. Present and describe Andrew Light’s approach he calls “Environmental
Pluralism.” How does he relate his approach to the work of Arne Naess?
d. Which approach(es) does Light want to avoid using (relativist issues)?


Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, reflect on all the course material, including Chapters 1 through 17, weekly lectures, discussion forums, and assignments that have been covered during this (International Business) course to discuss the following:
Which topics did you find most interesting and why?
Which subjects do you think will be most relevant in your business career and why?
Which topics would you like to see presented in a case study or business simulation format?
How did the virtual aspects of the course help broaden your view of international business?
After taking this course, would you consider a “virtual internship” to explore careers with a particular company? Why or why not?

Peng, M. W. (2017). Global business (4th ed.). Retrieved from https://redshelf.com/

International Hiring

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapters 14, 15, 16, and 17 of the required textbook.
The hiring proposal should address the following scenario:
Your multinational company (MNC) is opening a new operations service hub in Shanghai and you are on the international HR Team putting together the hiring process for both transition team assignments and those that will be permanent positions in China. Initially, there will be 10 transition team and 10 local assignments. The Division Head for Asia Pacific has asked you to use a “Geocentric Approach” in preparing your hiring process. Research and share insights that address the following questions for your team:
What are some of the pros and cons of hiring host-country nationals (HCNs), third-country nationals (TCNs), or parent-country nationals (PCNs)?
Describe two strategies that would minimize expatriate failure.
Research and share data about current compensation systems in China (Shanghai specifically) and how compensation will impact the hiring process.
Research the practices of layoffs versus across-the-board pay cuts in China and share your findings.

Peng, M. W. (2017). Global business (4th ed.). Retrieved from https://redshelf.com/

International Marketing

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read and review Chapters 14, 15, 16, and 17 from the required textbook. Answer the scenario questions.
As the Team Leader managing the export strategy for your product or service, research your selected foreign region and share a brief synopsis of your research with the following highlights. Note that this research may be applicable to your final paper:
What are the unique characteristics of the four P’s in your selected foreign target market?
Does your target market have niche markets inside of the target market that will provide additional marketing opportunities?
Share examples of marketing of a similar product or service in your selected foreign market and describe the four P’s.
Find and share an example of a marketing error in your foreign market and describe how you will ensure your team does not face similar challenges.
Find and share an example of a global or international marketing campaign that utilizes corporate social responsibility (CSR) to promote the global image of the global firm.

Peng, M. W. (2017). Global business (4th ed.). Retrieved from https://redshelf.com/

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In this case, Buy-Mart would be held responsible for Watt’s actions because of the law of respondeat superior. Employers are accountable for the unlawful acts of their employees and agents under the notion of respondeat superior if the activities occurred while the employee or agent was working for the company. When the legal principle of respondeat superior is applicable, the plaintiff would be responsible for the actions of both the employer and the employee. To determine who should pay for what, the court applies the legal principle of joint and several liabilities (Lior (n.d). One could argue that Buy-Mart should be held liable for Valerie Watts’ behavior (Roszkowski

Compensation System

Assume you work for Godman Sachs bank. Conduct an interview that responds to the following questions:
1. What is the process of compensation?
2- How do you create an effective compensation system? 3- What are the steps in formulating the compensation strategy? 4- Should employee feedback be taken into account in the process of forming a strategic compensation plan? 5- What are the effective organizational mechanisms for ensuring and verifying the fairness of the compensation system regarding all staff members, regardless of their background? 6- Is an effective compensation program aimed at retaining current employees, attracting new talent, or achieving these two goals simultaneously? 7- Can the design of a compensation program be a competitive advantage for a banking company? If so, how? 8- How to design an effective compensation structure to mainstream time-consuming management of compensation processes? 9- How to properly balance high-performance rewards and low-performance penalties to avoid extremes within the compensation program?
MLA Citation
Each question should be at least 40 words.

Comparison and Contrast between Chrysler Building and the Gherkin

write a research paper comparing and contrasting two architectural or interior design styles discussed in classes.

Research Paper
Papers shall be 5-pages minimum, about 1400 words with accompanying visual material to support ideas expressed in your paper.

– Chrysler Building by (William Van Allen) and the Gherkin by (Norman Foster and Ken Shuttleworth).